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What the Saturday transfer class will cover

Hi all, here's what I'll be going over on Saturday at Artities:

Acrylic medium transfers with xerox--this technique creates a malleable translucent acrylic "decal" that can be torn, flexed, stretched, stitched, painted and/or glued down, either over a plain solid background or one that's more detailed, such as patterned paper, stampings, or text.

Xerox transfer with packing tape and plastic laminate--this method produces a transparent image that when layered over an AB page or onto a painting allows the previous layer of imagery or texture to show through with great clarity.

Xerox transfers with solvent and blender pen--a more direct, straight-to-paper method of "melting" xerox imagery or text directly onto your page. This can get stinky so we'll probably do it on the cool screened-in porch at Artities to ensure proper ventillation. Artists with chemical sensitivities or who might be pregnant can skip this one (it only takes a minute or two to show everyone else).

Inkjet transfers from printed transparency--a great way of direct image transfer that can layered, blended into backgrounds, and manipulated with a wet brush to achieve myriad painterly and photographic effects. We'll be doing these onto muslin and canvas as well, for fabulous effect to be later included not only in books but on quilts, purses, or other textile or fabric projects.

As time permits, various other methods of transfer will be introduced and attendees will be directed toward resources online and in bookstores for further info. Experimentation will be encouraged and hopefully greatly facilitated and inspired by an array of surfaces both raw and pre-prepped for everyone to try out, including alternative surfaces such as copper flashing, muslin and canvas. Artities has a fantastic supply of STUFF that can be played with and I'll be bringing a huge stash of transfers I've already made and turning y'all loose on it. We'll do a little stamping for backgrounds and I'll discuss and demo various types of acrylic mediums and grounds, including white and colored gessos, and we might even get around to touching on a metal surfacing product or two, and maybe even throw a little silver leaf into the mix, again as time permits.

The main thing is we're going to trash Artities's studio and make a bunch of cool stuff we can use in our ABs, art journals, wall hangings or greeting cards, whoohoo! (Fear not--the Artities crew knows I'm not going home until everything's cleaned up afterwards.)

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a substantial portion of my own studio to pack up for transport tomorrow morning. Hope to see some of you there, or at Sunday's AB meeting, where no doubt yet another mess shall be made. And cleaned up afterwards. Naturally.

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